Technical Support

Several options for technical support are listed below. Please try contacting your instructor and reviewing the list of Frequently Asked Questions before contacting Technical Support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Test Support

Still having trouble? Please follow the steps below:

  1. Step 1: Contact Your Instructor
    If you are having a problem, first contact your instructor. If you cannot reach your instructor, contact Resnet directly at (760) 806-3448 and ask them to provide contact information for your instructor.

  2. Step 2: Contact the IT Person
    After you have spoken with your Instructor, contact the IT Person at your current testing location.

  3. Step 3: If the Test is Down
    If you have spoken with your instructor and the IT person at your testing center and you suspect that there is an outage with the testing application, you may contact the Test Outage Response Team at (970-219-2605) NOTE ON PASSWORDS: The Test Outage Response team will not give out passwords over the phone. You must contact your Instructor if you do not have your password.

Questions Not Related to The Testing Application

If you have questions related to the test questions, your score, or about certification, please contact RESET directly at: (760) 806-3448 or visit the RESNET Website at: